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is a Czech logistic service provider located in Skuteč city, East Bohemia. In the field of shipping, warehousing and other logistic services has a long standing experience.

Managing director of the company, Libor Odehnal, started his business activities on the 1st February 1991, as a sole trader Libor Odehnal – Autodoprava. This company operated just with smaller vans, but as time went on our fleet and thereby our services expanded. We acquired bigger cars, especially LKW 13,6. We also started to cooperate with more and more inland and foreign companies. Trying to meet all kinds of demands we also focused more on forwarding.

In summer 1994 was necessary to build up new facilities with offices, garages and big parking lots.

In 2000 we built new warehouse facilities with the capacity of 1200 palette rooms.

After thirteen years of operation of Libor Odehnal – Autodoprava company we transformed to limited liability company and 1. 1. 2004 was established ODEHNAL INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT s.r.o. company.

In October 2004 the company received ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which includes "international and domestic road transport including ADR and ATP". So we can also arrange transport of dangerous and perishable materials.

Thanks to long term cooperation with several business partners from the Czech Republic and from abroad our company focuses especially on areas of western Europe.

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